Participate in the ISPO to support our project!

Initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is a novel method to distribute a protocol’s utility tokens to the community using the Cardano blockchain. It ensures a high degree of decentralization of the token ownership and simultaneously supports the project’s development.

Currently, we are distributing a total of 10 000 000 ENCS tokens (from the total supply of 15 000 000 ENCS) to delegators of our very own stake pool with the ticker symbol [CMIX]. Our ISPO, initially started on Epoch 319 (early February 2022) as CardMix ISPO, will last until all tokens are assigned. To participate in the token distribution, users delegate their ADA to our stake pool [CMIX]. The ENCS rewards are calculated for every epoch individually, so users may decide to participate for any number of epochs. Our pool is also a part of Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA).

Our pool: pool1pmeetaqhlsdc5yj8snp8j46hprs9mzghxcl63vch95trz3xwpln
In hex format: 0ef395f417fc1b8a124784c279575708e05d8917363fa8b3172d1631

Check the pool on third-party aggregators:,,
You can delegate your ADA to a stake pool in your Cardano wallet app. It is completely safe, as your funds never leave your wallet. Enter CMIX in the pool search textbox inside your wallet app to find our stake pool. To be sure you are delegating to the right pool, check the pool ID.

Rewards Calculator

Participants of the ISPO can track their accumulated rewards using the calculator below. Enter your stake key to see how many ENCS tokens you have secured so far. The information is updated every epoch (5 days).

Distributed in the ISPO: 6 272 100 ENCS    (out of 10 000 000 ENCS).

Each epoch, we distribute between 120 000 and 600 000 tokens depending on the pool saturation. The per-ADA rewards are higher when the saturation is low. 90% of ENCS tokens are distributed proportionally to your delegation. The rest is distributed through a lottery. Every ISPO participant with at least 1000 ADA stake is eligible. You can check the lottery details here.

Epoch 366 lottery winners:

1) stake1u9xjxezzmhthdyatr8kp73a0a7g9rsgjherpw5ksm7az49gw2s3x8
2) stake1u95lluqph9kh4amkpce42nlem0an0fc3mvjmm4g5fd8xrvgscul4g
3) stake1uy7qpr9e26artz8uzmgct230kz4342tjtlwdtncxpjz0c0qc677g2

The winners secure additional 4000 ENCS. Congratulations!!!